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The Bahamas are a refuge for naturelover and environment minded tourists.  Protection and preserving of nature is here important.  With its coral-reefs, rich fishing grounds, crystal clear water, clean air and miles of sandy beaches, the Bahamas are qualified for a environmental compatible tourism, with consideration to respect nature.
The natural beauty of the Bahamas pulls every visitor unresistingly under its spell. Let yourself also be induced to the beauty of Cat Island.  Anyone who is looking for romantic pure is on Cat Island in the right place.


Cat Island, the sixt largest of all the Bahama Islands, is located halfway between Eleuthera and San Salvador.  It is shaped like a boot, is 48 miles long and ranges from one to five miles in width. Cat, as this isle is called for simpleness, is very pristine, with extensive miles of the finest beaches and enjoys the reputation to be one of the most beautyful and fertile island in the Bahamas. The isle is not only known for its rich fish- and other sealife in the waters surrounding it, but also for it's abundant Vegetation inland - pineapple and other fruits and vegetable grow here.  It is a fact, that Nassau, the main city on the isle of New Providence, is supplied with the surplus.
Cat Island is offering dreamlike sandy beaches, hilly, dense overgrown green landscape, forests of palm- und pinetrees, picturesque little villages - 200 year old plantation ruins - and most important, a peaceful atmosphere.


on the Atlantic coast in the south of Cat is the real proof of a perfect beach scenery.  Untouched, bright pink-white gleaming fine powdered sandy beach and in the background the clear bluegreen waters of the ocean. You can overlook all the splendour from above, not far from Greenwood Estates, at the highest point of the Bahamas, Mt.  Alvernia, all of 206 feet above sea level but nonetheless impressive.


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